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First we need some files and project instructions from you. Then we agree on time and delivery of the service. The following work phases represent the stages of the “deliverables” files. In each of these deliveries, we’ll requestyour feedback. Our efficient communication achieves everybody’s goals (Clients goals = Our goals).

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  • Our team of experts are here to take care of every detail of your project, from the second you contact us to the final rendering.
  • Fully responsive so your renderings will always look good on any screen size.
  • We have a good balance of experience and youthful energy.
  • We like working for people who want to create something special.
  • We are committed to working closely with you to develop ideas, meet needs, and work within budgets.


We have used Xpress Rendering for several of our latest projects. Paola is great to work with. She responds quickly to any questions. We can also be quite picky and she is very patient with us.

Sater Design Collection, Inc.
The Xpress Team is unbelievably meticulous, expedient and professional. The Team also possesses an amazing to ability envision your project with the bare minimals supplied. Very happy cutomer to say the least.

Urban UAV System
We have used Xpress rendering for several of our 3d renderings, as well as video productions and have been very pleased. We definitely can recommend this company.

Hlevel Architecture
We’ve been using Xpress Renderings for a couple of years now. Their work is very good, creative and delivered promptly. Would recommend Xpress Rendering to anyone looking for good artistic and professional services.

Millenium Contractors
Paola has been a pleasure to work with and is very responsive to our questions and concerns. I highly recommend their services.

Glen Haven Builders Inc.
Great service and turn around time. 2nd time returning to them for rendering services. Pushed through to get our team a revision on a late Friday afternoon. Highly recommended.

Epic Visions Development
“They are awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well they tailored to my needs. My team has been using other kind of 3D renderings with varying degrees of satisfaction, but this beats out those. Thanks for a great job!”

James S., Architect, H.D.
“My favorite thing about Xpress Rendering is the ease to get my ideas and also the ability to customize the 3D image using their 3D software.”

Jennifer M, GBuilding
I Highly recommend Xpress Rendering to any builder who wants fast, top quality renders for their projects. My clients were delighted when I presented the 3D renders that the Xpress team had tailored to my technical specifications.

Anthony, FloridaBuilds
I would like to recommend Xpress Rendering to every designer . Prices are really competitive and the customer service is very reactive and friendly!

James , HomeDesign
Since I started to outsource my 3d renderings with you I had more time for my investors, increasing my productivity and boosting my sales. Corrections are taken care really fast and with attention the the smallest detail, thanks to Pao.

Jennifer, York Architecture
I recommend XR, Quality, sort of quick and fast and affordable.

Anthony P., Home Designer, AZ

That was easy, huh?

That´s what Xpress Rendering is all about!. Getting in touch with really easy going top-notch professionals & making your project to look like it has been already built. All these in a Xpress, accurate and precise fast way, taking good care of your budget too!

In order to build a model, a 3D artist needs to understand the project. Using plans, sketches, and reference images provided by the client, a 3D artist starts by visualizing the project in his or her head.
We start modeling the project following cad or pdf files. We can also work with hand sketches, revit files, etc.
The 3D artist applies colors and materials to the 3D model to make it look as realistic as possible. This step is analogous to painting a physical model, or gluing materials and photographs onto it.
We set up the lights into the 3D scene to replicate lighting in the real world. This stage is similar to the way a photographer or videographer would set up lighting equipment before shooting.
The 2D image or images are generated from the model. This phase is the actual rendering process. It is analogous to taking a photo of a physical model. Rendering can take anywhere from several seconds to several days, depending on the complexity of the model and the quality desired. This process is completed solely by the computer.  In some cases this will be done on large rendering computers called render farms.
The preview images that are provided to the client for feedback are low quality renders using the same process as the final render will be, in order to speed up the revision process. Revisions are made to the scene, textures, and lights and the process is repeated until the desired results are achieved.
Final 3D renderings are provided to the client. Depending on the desired resolution the images will be provided in a specific format to support the way in which the image will be displayed.


We adapt to your budget respecting our quality and level of attention to details.


We know that every budget is different that`s why you can talk about it with us.


We have a great team of professional artists to meet your deadline on time.


Our team has the ability to meet tight deadlines with accuracy. We guarantee the best work!


Every single detail is important to create a master piece. Feel amazed with XR.


We work with the latest hardware and software available providing the best service experience!


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